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Monday, April 12

Under Crypt-Struction

It seems a curse was placed upon this web comic after posting it would be back today. Unfortunately, another week is needed to get all it's cryptids in a row, rot some eyes and cross some teeth. Come hell spawn or high water floating corpses, Para Abnormal WILL RETURN MONDAY, APRIL 19TH at the witching hour! Promise.

Thursday, April 8

Delays, Delays...always Delays

As you may have noticed, Para Ab has been quiet as a tomb this week. Many and various things are to blame which have also caused the spotty past few weeks of irregular posting (can't blame it all on drunken cartoon gnomes).

Let's consider this week a Spring break. Starting Monday, Para Abnormal will be back with a morgue-full of new cartoons ready to go and a fresh new look as well . Thank you to all who have been visiting daily and making this web comic fun to create.

Friday, April 2