Sunday, February 17


I've always loved monsters, ghosts, aliens and anything else that lurks in the shadows. Para Abnormal is a humorous daily online cartoon series dedicated to these things.

This is going to be a mad experiment for me. There won't be story lines or plots to follow. Just funny (I hope) single panel cartoons and the occasional strip with an odd ensemble cast.

I hope you enjoy this tongue in cheek dark ride with me and visit often!


  1. Mr Dave the Comic. OK I think you funny people have go to stop making fun of the paranormal. It's a serious thing the world need to be warned about. You that global warming thing. Thank you for hearing me out. David the Poppa

  2. OK, now I'm Pissed!

    You made me laugh out loud 3 times while at my desk surrounded by Singaporeans who already think I'm a bit different.

    Thanks Pal!

  3. Just found this page - excellent work! Keep 'em coming! Please!

  4. I just found your site and read every single panel from start to finish. I loved the Four Calling Birds!! Having a cat that the neighborhood birds despise makes it all the funnier.

    Keep it up! Your artwork is wonderful and the topics hilarious!

  5. Purrrr....

    I've only looked at the Animal Collection, but can't wait to tell Daddy!

    He's gonna love this stuff, I just know it!

    Expect to be added to his list of Food For Thought Links, soon! ;-D